If love alone could keep them here , none of these dogs would be at the Rainbow Bridge. They are part of the Success Stories of the Rescue, for they all found a forever home - where they were respected, protected and LOVED!



We are very sad to tell you that dearest ginger and white Alfie who we collected on that happy, exciting, sunny afternoon on 2nd August 2020, went to Heaven two weeks ago on 23rd April 2024, just 11 days shy of his 16th birthday. We are exceedingly thankful to have enjoyed nearly four years of his superior company, and untapped happiness, joy and amusement at this funny, entertaining, downright beautiful and very individual fellow. Nobody could have been more charming, from the off! His habits, such as crossing both sets of legs at the same time, innocent 'butter wouldn't melt' expression and ability to get comfy on a large pile of pillows, with snout on a ledge, or on the arm rest in the car, and standing up on his back legs looking through the window, and dining habits of a connoisseur, to say nothing of his nimble, bouncy athletic abilities, all beguiled us! It was not uncommon for people on the street to shout out how beautiful he was, and we could only agree with their wise appraisal! These recent past years have been rip-roaringly special and we will look back on Alfie's life with pleasure and celebration that he came to us to be cared for, and that he gave us unending joy in return. Thank you, Lee, for finding him and shepherding him to our home. Apr 24
Warm wishes,
Pauline, Tessa, Ian 
Thank you to Fox Terrier rescue UK once again, We got Tillie in August 2015 when she was almost 5 years old
Tillie has given us all the love and affection she has to give.
After being poorly for a few weeks, she is now at peace RIP 16 April 24.
We will miss you always the Dexter family xx




We were thrilled to be trusted with the beautiful Bridget.

She was a playful, gentle and loving soul. As we became besotted with her she in turn grew to trust us and showered us with affection.
She loved a walk...and a bark -  delighting in new toys and lazy mornings on the bed. 
We had 2 1/2 wonderful years with her, and loved and cared for her through some tricky health issues. 26th Feb 2024 at just 5 1/2 she became very poorly and her little body couldn't take it, through tears we let her go, it was time to rest. She brought the light into our lives and we loved her wholeheartedly.
Jo and Owen 


We were very sad to lose our lovely Sam after 12 and a half wonderful years at the age of 14. Since collecting him from FTR in May 2011, Sam brought happiness and joy to everyone who met him, endearing himself to them with his always wagging tail and inquisitive, intelligent personality.
An exciteable younger dog, sammy was often found in his later years lounging in the sun, when he wasnt trying to seek out cheese or other treats from the fridge. Sammy, or bobie as he was affectionally known by his family and friends, always brought warmth to our home and he will be missed and remebered forever. Thankyou to Lee and FTR for giving so many happy memories with our Sam, who in his time with us was a lovely friend and treasured companion.
Our dear Bracken came to live with us on August 16th 2019, he gave us so much fun and love in the short 4 years with us. He much liked playing with his toys, at times he wore us out trying to keep up with. He loved water, soon as the garden hose was out, he was there, paddling in the sea was another favorite whilst holidaying with us. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on the 3rd October 2023.
He will be forever in our thoughts, we just have the memories and what great memories they are.
RIP our little man.
Robert & Pauline. October 2023 




My sweetheart Briar lost his fight to cancer. Such a super

handsome boy. He loved the TV.

He was Mum's boy and I miss him everyday

Lee xxxx ?





 At the age of 14 my darling little Poppy went to heaven.

She gave me seven years of pure joy and will be my heart forever. Everyone who met her fell in love with her.

She was so special.

Lynda Oct 23



 Our beautiful lively little girl Patsy who had lived with us for almost 7 of her 10 years was just taken from us by cancer.
We miss her every hour of the day but relish all the fun and joy she brought into our lives and remember how she rescued us when we felt down in the dumps, we could always smile at her and those typical foxy antics. Run free little girl.Luv you always.
    Graham & family

May 2009-2023
Koko AKA Mr Mischief sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge shortly after his 14th Birthday.  
We hope they let him in the Pearly Gates after he once helped himself to a Bible study groups picnic, being told “leave it” one command he always ignored particularly when it involved food.
So many fond memories, we will forever miss his foxie terror antics.
Cathy, Ray & Family Jun23


Bella was Adopted from FTRescue in 2014
‘Bella was a delight. She was fun, intelligent, loving and cheeky.
She didn’t stay on the floor when she could climb, and my first meeting with her saw her climb on a table.
Nothing changed! We are so grateful to have had her.’



08/08/2011 - 23/02/2023
The late Theodore 'Ted' Goodwin on one his many walks. RIP. Ted?Missed so much by his Mum&Dad
Debbie&Martyn Apr23


Fifi   2008-2022
Was adopted in 2016 by Graham & Pauline 
After going blind and weakness in back legs & having onset  of canine  dementia
they had to make that decision of letting her go over the Rainbow Bridge , the final decision to let her go was on the 5th Oct .
`Words cannot express our sadness at her loss  and what a joy she has been to us for the time we had with her.
A truly sensative and gentle soul forever a place in our  hearts`  Graham and Pauline xx
Have Fun with All those Foxies FiFi
Auntie Lee xxx

The fox terrier with the head is Millie who came from the breed rescue in 2003. She was a bossy little madam and some household decisions are still made with the proviso ‘Will Millie approve?’


The fox terrier with the bottom is Patch. He was an overlarge fox terrier bred by the Sarendon Kennels. He left us in 2019 suffering with an aggressive bone cancer is his upper jaw and skull.


Both dogs were after the dryer balls! Both dogs are still greatly missed!

Jessie Obituary
jessie obituary.docx
Microsoft Word document [403.2 KB]


He was beautiful in body and nature, intelligent and inquisitive, gentle without weakness. We gave love and he returned more. From when he came to us on 1st November 2009 he was our ever present companion, friend, our protector, our solace our joy. Our Finn

James, June and Holly




Lee introduced us to Darcy, one of her beautiful rescue terriers in October, 2011. We brought her home the same day and she spent a very happy ten years with us at her forever home in Lincolnshire.  Darcy enjoyed endless days, all seasons, where she enjoyed country walks,  playing run and chase the ball and lounging in the shade in her favourite spot in the garden  She was a true companion, brimming with love, always enthusiastic, even if it was just for a ride in the car. She enjoyed staycations with her bestie, Hugo, the poodle, who she wasted no time keeping in check. Darcy passed peacefully away on 4 January, 2022. - leaving a great void in our lives and hearts. We are indebted to Lee, the rescue centre and all the good work you do and for matching us with this wonderful little dog who brought us so much joy over the years.
Cathy & Dave

Rocco whopassed away earlier this year and missed very much by Kate.


Mollie wasn't a rescue dog from us. A great sadness that she passed away in August 2021 leaving her mum&dad so very upset
But this is a wonderful picture ,a true fox terrier,always up to something
and noses into everything.Bless you Mollie.xx
Jake    `Lee it was great that you remembered his tennis ball obsession - he never lost it!!
I don’t know how many we bought for him over the years.
We are forever grateful to you for letting us adopt him - he was such a lovely little chap
and enriched our lives in so many ways.
We miss him so much.
Thank you for the work you and the rescue team do - without you we wouldn’t have had four lovely years with our boy.
  Lyn & Bob
Great sadness at the loss of Fergus (Toby)
At nearly 14yrs old ,the last few months
started to suffer from ailments of old age.
Going over Rainbow Bridge will now forever
run about playing ball (and  no pain)
Greatly missed by Andy & Claire

We first met Bob in September 2011. 

He was a constant companion as we both work from home. He always came on holiday with us, loved riding in the car and visited many places with us.
We really miss him but he was so poorly in the last couple of weeks of his life we knew it was time to say goodbye, so our vet helped him to have a dignified end.
Great little dog, we loved him so much, it’s been a privilege to have him with us.
John and Janice Hill


Nine years ago we collected Popps from Lee at the Fox Terrier Rescue.   She was five years old and Lee explained that her previous elderly owner had had a series of major operations which meant that Poppy, as she was called then, had been in and out of boarding kennels all her life and had ended up in a care home!  Understandably she was subdued at first but she gradually blossomed and then we’d see the larky, jolly typical fox terrier bursting out.  Who can resist a dog who makes you laugh?  She certainly had her own mind.  Out walking, sometimes she would abruptly refuse to go further - “throwing out the anchors” as one friend put it.  The only thing to do would be to turn round and go home - with her happily leading the way.   James adored her and she knew just how to get him to do her bidding.  If, for example, he was watching the TV news she’d often sit on the floor in front of him with a rawhide chew in her teeth.  She would fix him with a piercing stare, emitting the odd gruff whoof.  Eventually he would have to give in - he had to lie on the floor and hold the chew for her at just the right angle so that she could gnaw it comfortably.  A few months ago she became ill - her liver - and last weekend our kind vet put her to sleep while we stroked her and blubbed.  The house feels very empty. Love Leana & James


When we arrived at Lee’s in May 2019, she introduced us to ‘older lady’ Daisy who, it is fair to say, decided we were acceptable as her guardians as much as we thought she would make a great addition to our lives.  Over the sadly too short two years she was with us, Daisy was a joy.  She made us laugh every day with her independent spirit and playfulness.  She enjoyed exploring our part of Scotland with us and loved running free on the beach in particular.  She was a cheeky madam and had Doug wrapped round her little paw but she was adorable and losing her so suddenly has been very hard.  However, we have many happy memories – and more than a few photos.

Doug & Fran

`In Memory of Flossie`

This little girl was bright as a button, brave, hilarious, and so full of fun with a massive enthusiasm for life and food- particularly mango and Satsuma!

She was also kind, patient, and gentle,her friend Barney who needed her to be his ears after losing his hearing,  and her human sister Phoebe who was her best friend and partner in crime.

Literally everyone who met her, loved her, you couldn’t help it, her spirit was infectious.

We miss her so very very much

Amanda & Family

In Memory of Sid
Handsome super little chap who was adopted by
Maureen & Ian from us in June 2019.Even only having him
such a short time gave them great joy
So sad to see you go over Rainbow Bridge so suddenly Sid
Say Hi to all the other foxies and tell them we miss you all
and are never ever forgotten.Auntie Lee xxxx
Gypsy had a great life and particularly once we retired to Exmoor 10 years ago.
Gypsy and Dylan  great friends .

We were originally given Robbie as a gift when he was about three years old,  by a dear friend who bred wirefox terriers., and who we had known for many years.                            


Our friend felt sorry for us at the time  because we had lost our previous werefox terrier we named Lefty, aged 13 years to cancer and so our friend  decided Robbie needed a family, and we needed Robbie. It was the beginning of a long and wonderful new friendship, and Robbie brought so much happiness into our lives for the 12 years we were lucky enough to have him with us.  Robbie passed away in July 2020 but we  still think of him  every day, and he is missed greatly. Brenda & Vic

Curly (formerly called Digger  we had him from you on 11 April 2010)  lost his fight against a failing heart and a degenerating spinal cord. Until his last few months he was an unfailingly happy little chap who delighted all that came into contact with him. He will be missed terribly. Always in our hearts ,The Grove family








Some 13yrs ago we had this lovely Foxie, from you. She had been found in Islington and been with you for a good while 

and you rang and said this “long legged fox terrier needed a home”. (You might remember she only had one and a half ears.) Previously we had had Ralph from you, who was a real gentleman. We had just got a Lakeland rescue, Dylan, who was a terror with other dogs, and your suggestion was to bring him and see how they got on. You did everything you could to make them have a go at one another but they got on really well, enjoyed life and up until Dylan had to be put to sleep nearly 2yrs ago ,they were firm friends.


Sadly Gypsy, at the ripe old age of 15 and a half was put to sleep  due to liver problems. For the last 10 months she enjoyed the company of our Brittany pup, Pepper.. ( more like the matriarch tolerating a young nuisance!} Up until the last couple of years she enjoyed long walks on Exmoor, where we have lived for the past 9yrs and even last week had a short but amazingly spritely trot in our local woodland.









Molly was a super little dog that was adopted by Jenny& Shaun from FTR in 2010.They had another foxy called Tom and they became best friends
Sadly Tom passed over  to Rainbow Bridge last October ,so missed by Molly that she too went to sleep last week to join her best friend leaving behind very sad Jenny & Shaun who will never forget thoughs wonderful memories of two super little foxies.
Thank you both for giving them such love,care and a wonderful home,.
So now they can be together romping in the fields at Rainbow Bridge.? May2021

Bob  was Coco
Sadly  was taken only after a short time with the Walsh family
Previous injuries had caught up with him,he had come from Spain
Margaret & David are devastated at his loss.
He was a character in himself loved watching Formula One with David
Loved his walks. Bob was only 7, so was cheated out of life.
So Bob,with no pain now enjoy your life over that Rainbow Bridge,
knowing that you were so loved my Margaret & David and us at Rescue  Oct2020

"Sad news as we had to let Tessie go. She came to us as Betsy almost 2 years ago and was well loved. A funny little character who was at her happiest in her bed! Sadly she developed kidney problems and went into renal failure. She was never any trouble and brought us nothing but pleasure. We will miss her always."

Steve and Carol


So sad to advise our dear boy Jacob passed away on Friday 17th July 2020 after almost eight years of love, laughs, long walks and games. Such a personality and missed by so many friends.



In Memory of Kiku

I am writing to let you know that our fabulous wire haired fox terrier died (10th April) at almost 14 years old. She will leave a large hole in our lives.


We were fortunate that she settled in very well all those years ago and we have many fond memories of her as a fun loving friend with great character. She was very loyal and after a few years we were able to take her into the woods, well away from other people, dogs or roads and allow her freedom off the lead, which she loved, although she never strayed too far and kept her eye on us all the time.


She had plenty to deal with medically while she was with us, including having a ruptured spleen only a couple of years from the re-homing. She recovered well but then started to suffer from Cushing’s disease about 3 years ago which we managed.

Right up until the end she still behaved as though she was a puppy, although she did show signs of her age. On the Friday she suddenly became very ill and we concluded that she was dying and needed to be put to sleep. We managed to stay with her, and comfort her, until we took her to the vet. She died in my wife’s arms when we were only about a minute from the vets by car.


We feel very privileged to have spent almost 9 years with her, she had a very special place in our lives.

Many thanks for the opportunity to share such times with Kiku.

Vic & Jane 

Twiglet was my mum's dog, who came to us as an old girl. She quickly got her paws under the table and settled into a life of new adventures. Here she is keeping the sofa warm whilst we were working and showing remarkable restraint in the campervan. Most food within reach was fair game for her!
She had a lovely life for four years before she died suddenly on 5th November. The house feels very quiet and sad without her inspecting all the shopping, 'helping' with the cooking and finding a cuddle at every opportunity. We miss her very much. Gill and Steve Manchester 

Heartbroken Dennis & Hazel Oct 19 wrote "It is with great sadness and devastation we have to tell you Ailsa died very suddenly six weeks ago of heart failure. We were just not expecting her to go so soon. She was alsways so brave, loving and full of mischief. She gave as much love and pleasure to us as we gave her. We loved and miss her so much and still find it very hard to accept she is not around. Ailsa was so beautiful in every way and not a bad bone in her body. Dennis would always say everyone loved her to bits.  We have to thank you for bringing Ailsa into our lives. This photo was taken a few weeks before she crossed Rainbow Bridge ." 

Johnnie was a very special dog.
We picked up Johnnie from Lee in 2010 when he was just 2 years' old.He was a lovely gentle boy and we had just over six very special years with him.
We would take him to the coast and he, like us, loved Southwold. This picture is of him and me on the pier, we still miss him and have so many fond memories of our short time with him that to point to any one memory in particular detracts from the whole.
Kindest regards for the valuable work that you do -- Griff is coming along as well
Richard & Penny Oct 2018

In memory of Amber – October 2018

I collected Amber from Lee in Norfolk in June 2013, having just lost my previous fox terrier, Lavender, who had also come from Lee three years earlier. Amber had been found wandering in Wales and had already been via the RSPCA and another owner when we took her on. We felt a bit sorry for her and wanted to give her a more permanent home on the Isle of Wight. She was a little cautious at first and enjoyed the comfort and safety of her basket when she first arrived, but she soon settled in and became an important part of my home and life. She had such a kind and gentle nature and was friendly towards everyone (and other dogs!).

Initially, Amber did have a few slightly naughty characteristics (emptying bins, opening cupboards and climbing on to tables!) and also a few “eccentricities” – she preferred to spend most nights sleeping in the laundry basket, rather than her own bed! We eventually supplied her with a laundry basket for herself!

Amber had a few health problems along the way, but most of these were dealt with by the local vets. She was diagnosed with cancer in January 2017, but this didn’t stop her from leading a normal and fairly active life. She did slow down in the last year as old age and arthritis crept up on her, but even as recently as March this year she was having a great time running around in the snow (we don’t see much snow on the Isle of Wight!). More recently she slowed down quite rapidly and became less interested in going for walks and her usual activities and spent much of her time sleeping and wasn’t enjoying a good quality of life, so we took the difficult decision to have her put to sleep.

We were so grateful to Lee and FTR for the opportunity to re-home another Fox terrier. Amber made such a difference to our lives and she will be greatly missed.

Milo  was adopted by Maureen& family 
just over 5yrs ago,he was originally from Spain,he became such a fabulous dog .Getting great updates from the family of his antics he use to get up  to especially removing his toys once washed from the washing machine&loved singing to certain music.Taken from them ,fighting to the end from cancer.Bless you ,you brave boy
Run free over Rainbow bridge.

On 8th October 2020 we had to say goodbye to our old friend and loyal Arsenal supporter Harry. We rescued him through Lee in 2016 and although he was already 12 and nearly blind, we couldn't resist his charm. He filled our home with tennis ball squeaking noise and playfulness and welcomed our first daughter with great affection. We miss him dearly.


Bonnie much loved and missed by Sonya & Jenny
Microsoft Word document [253.4 KB]

Duggie was an absolute joy to be with, never fussed, never demanded, he was the perfect little guy, loved by us and and his friends in the local. We will never have one quite like him again. He will always be in our thoughts. 

Steve and Carol 

November 2018



Elisabeth wrote to us
"Our fuzzy old Frenchman left us to go over rainbow bridge on Wednesday 7th February 2018.  Milou joined the mad Keam gang in the autumn of 2015 and was always very much his own man.  As deaf as a selective post, he could certainly move when he fancied a bit of free-range poulet - in fact we had to move our lady hens to the paddock to give them some peace and a chance of a restful retirement from commercial egg production and a French WFT.  Like anyone from France, Milou loved his food and would sit impatiently and stamp his front feet when supper was being prepared.  He then wolfed his meal downs quickly I am sure it never touched the sides.  He seemed to love life on the farm with our German Shepherd and Jack Russell Terriers and was quite happy surrounded by cats.  He would pick up (and eat) anything he found on a walk and it did not matter how decomposed it was; in fact, the more disgusting it looked to us, the more he seemed to enjoy it.
Every three months we would have Milou clipped though we always preferred it when he looked like a big fluffy bear with his floppy ears jiggling away.
RIP Milou - we will miss you dreadfully, we are heartbroken but are so thankful you came into our lives which you made all the more wonderful for your presence."


On 29th September 2013, I rehomed a dog from you - he was called at the time Thrastar but was quickly renamed Jasper. I am sad to inform you that on 18th October, Jasper lost his battle against kidney insufficiency. He had had the condition for over a year and  for the last three months was living on 'borrowed time' since his blood count had reached 30 at the beginning of July. So, we lived each day at a time, enjoying very short walks and lots of cuddles.

He brought such joy not only to my life but spread smiles and happiness to almost everyone he came into contact with. Older folk would remember their childhood pet, some remembered one 'on wheels' and little children were re-assured to touch a 'cuddly sheep'. He was such a character and I feel blessed that when he came to me he was already so well trained. A lead was only necessary on busy roads, he walked along with me and never ran off or was disobedient. He was such a pleasure to walk with.


Thank you for giving me such a wonderful companion.


Lisa         November 2017

We lost Monty today . We are devastated , but so pleased that we know that he had a lovely life with his family here in Yorkshire . 
He loved being free in the garden , loved food ...any food , loved being free on the beach at Filey ...and the fish and chips after , loved the sun on his face and peace he found with us . 
Thank you Lee England for allowing us to adopt him 10 years ago . They have been the best years . Karen 11/08/17



Flossie who FTR UK lost July 2017. RIP sweet girl x x x 


In Memory Of Harry
Harry here fast asleep.
It was heart breaking  to everyone who knew him, as he passed away peacefully.
Harry lived with Ruth for 14 1/2yrs.
I bred him and named him after my Dad to whom I had just lost.
Harry was a typical Handsome Fox Terrier, everything needed to go his way and his new owner Ruth paid for it if it didn`t.
My advice about Foxys were taken in vain by Ruth at first but she begun to learn fast from me,
and in the end Harry became a fantastic companion(most of the time)to her.
He always hated cats and would love a punch up with certain dogs but like most fox terriers mellowed with age.
Because he would always come and stay when Ruth was away,in a way was still my pup and I shall miss him
so very much,even though my cat is much relieved.
Rest in peace Harry, We will always miss you ,you little tyrant .
Lee x And his mum Ruth xx


We rehomed Fionn over 7 years ago, he was known as Charlie then.  We  went to visit Lee one Saturday afternoon in March 2009  and came back to Lincolnshire with  Fionn ( aka Charlie).
Sadly  Fionn passed away on Monday of this week. He had recently been diagnosed with cancer, had coped with his first session of chemo very well and was due his second treatment later this week. How ever he had lost mobility in his back legs and the cancer had returned.
He was a fabulous dog and will be missed by Paul and myself and our Patterdale / Jack Russell cross Brady. Fionn always lived life in the chilled out zone, enjoyed his food , his special chair and his holidays in France. He was great with other dogs and people. We love the breed and were always glad we went to visit  Lee. Fionn  filled   a great void in our lives, when our first Wired Haired  Fox terrier Cal passed on.
Lesley Anne
December 2016



Maddy who was rehomed by Joy at 2 years of age and passed way 3 weeks ago at the age of 15 and a half.

A character through and through, feared by the vicar and the postman. Lover of squirrels and a footwarmer!

"We miss the dog hairs and her knack of knowing when the fridge opened even though she was deaf and the growl if she knew she had to go out and didn't want to.

The house is dead without her."  Sept 2016


"He will always have a very special place in our hearts" Simon.


Lulu who left Hazel on the 4th March 2016 is missed very much and will never be forgotten.

Truman much loved by Dave, Cara, Keana & Callum
This is Archie who Denise lost on link for her words to us  Archielink
Microsoft Word document [26.5 KB]

Pebbles passed away December 2015 was loved dearly by Susan and will leave a huge hole in her life.

Bebe from Alison. July 2015


Huckleberry was lost at only 9 months old. He had bags of personality and vitality. He loved everyone and everything - apart from the neighbour's peacock! January 2015
Adobe Acrobat document [471.7 KB]
Jack passed away aged 16 1/2 in October 2014, after 12 wonderful years with Neil and Babs from Devon who adopted him from FT rescue in April 2002. "He will be in our hearts forever. He was a very clever dog (well he thought he was human) and was greatly admired by all who knew him. He loved Christmas time, especially opening presents so this photo reminds us of him so much."

Bertie was adopted by Julie in Dec 2005. His owner had passed away and he had been in and out of the rescue due to his bad behaviour and Julie was his last hope. She had lost two wires 5 months previous and was in a terrible state not knowing if she wanted another dog or not, but along came Betrie and she felt they had both been given another chance.

Continued now in her own words "I brought him home to my house in Bolton. He was a little terror to say the least. He jumped at Buses, Cars, Vans, etc. and if I had a pound for every time he ripped my son's joggers when trying to leave the house or nipped us, I would be very rich indeed. He was hard work to say the least and at one point I actually thought I could take no more.
Sadly Bertie passed away on Monday 22nd September 2014 after suffering for 5 years with liver disease and bad skin problems. Bertie certainly turned his behaviour around, he remained a little bugger at times but that was just him. He became a big part of our lives and after almost 9 years we are heartbroken to lose him. He gave us nothing but pleasure and has left a big hole in my life but I'm so happy to have had him. I would say to anybody if you have a difficult Wire don't give up, be patient. It may take a long time but well worth it in the end."

Eric who passed away recently and left John and Alice. Described as a splendid dog and will be greatly missed. His ashes are to be scattered at Tal-y-Bont.

Paddy was rescued at 14months in 2002 by Peter. He was a lively, happy and cheeky dog until the end of his life. Although he wasn't taught Paddy's stance on sitting was an elaborate 'song and dance act'! He always enjoyed the comforts of the settee to the floor. He was attuned to what time Dinner time was. No one who met him failed to like him.

Bob Jane and Jeff had him for 2 years. He gave them and everybody an enormous amount of love and friendship. He had a great personality and will be sadly missed. Jane and Jeff felt very luckly to have been able to offer him a home and were amply rewarded by him. He is buried in the garden where he loved to roam. May he run free forever.

Archie came to us one week after Molly in June 2002 when he was two and a half. He had behavioural issues but, with a firm, loving and consistent approach, he turned into the most lovely dog imaginable. The key to Archie was that he was a very frightened little dog and, as soon as he knew that we were in charge, he was able to relax and be himself.

Archie loved people, other dogs, and was very demonstrative in his affections – you wouldn’t get a bite from Archie but you would get a lovely kiss.

The only word to describe Archie was ‘dogged’ to the end; he never gave up and he has left a huge Archie-shaped void in our lives. Our other fox terrier, Alice, came to live with us when Molly died and she treated Archie like her puppy and, most of the time, he let her do it. She is very quiet without him.

For the last few months of his life, he used to go out for his ‘walks’ in his dog buggy because he had lost the use of his back legs, with Alice walking by his side (though when it was very cold, Alice used to get in with him),

We are all bereft as are the many visitors to our home who came to know and love Archie, this warm, eccentric little boy. Rest In Peace, Archie, we will never forget you.

Lavender came to live with me on the Isle of Wight in August 2010, having spent 4 months with Lee in Norfolk. She was eight and a half at the time. She soon settled in to her new home. As I live on my own she was a great companion to me, but she also loved the company of all who visited my home. Anybody visiting the house (including complete strangers) would be enthusiastically greeted by Lavender who would then rush off to find them a soft toy to play with!

Lavender was gentle natured and was great fun with children. She also had many amusing (and slightly daft!) characteristics, which endeared her to everyone.

The sudden loss of Lavender on 18 May of a heart related condition has left me and my family feeling very sad and empty. She will be greatly missed by visitors to the house and by many people in the neighbourhood who got to know her well. I only had her for just under three years, but it feels much longer as she made such an impression.

Our dear gentle Poppy came to us in 2009 after a stay at Battersea and Lee's home in Norfolk, we loved her from the very start of our time together.

She gradually gained confidence and developed the terrier stubborn streak. Sadly Poppy had severe heart problems and became ill suddenly in the night of May 24th 2013. We rushed her to the emergency vets but she was too weak and we had to let her go. We are devastated at the loss of our darling girl. She has been buried to rest in the garden where she loved to play. We miss her so much and will never forget her.

After losing their fox terrier Annie aged 15, the family decided to opt for a rescue fox terrier. They met up with Lee to pick up Becky, a five year old, from the Stafford Dog Show.

They'll never forget the day. It was love at first sight. Her first owner (they called her, her real mummy) had passed away and they had the impression that Becky missed her greatly. Obviously she was pretty nervy and timid for a few weeks but gradually with lots of love her confidence grew. She never really liked going for walks (very unusual for a fox terrier!!) and just loved coming home.

Her biggest love was stuffed toys, in fact, anything furry. They have a photo of her with a birthday card in her mouth because it has a bit of fluff on it! The family was forced to hide anything furry and she would stalk a drawer if she knew a furry thing was hidden in it. She ended up with all furry things around her bed or, as the daughter called them. “carcasses” – ha! Sadly she passed away a couple of weeks ago with kidney failure. Although they had her for just 3½ years - she will always be remembered as a very, very special doggy.

The family adopted - a beautiful Wire boy - he was one of our Senior Rescues - but his wonderful family always referred to him as their little boy and their Buddy.

" Buz (Buddy) was adopted in March 09, he camg to live with us in Alconbury Weston, Cambs. Although we only had him for 11 months he soon became very much part of our family and a big part of our lives. He was taken from us by the terrible illness called degenative myothopathy which took him very quickly. It was our pleasure and priviledge to have known him.

He died 12th Feb 2010 and leaves a big hole on our lives and in our hearts. He will be sadly missed. "

(March 2010)

The family adopted - a beautiful Wire boy named Harry - he was about 9 years old at the time. Unfortunately they lost him to cancer of the glands.

He was the most
wonderful, patient, fun, and filled their lives to the full. He went camping, climbed the Welsh hills with the family. He
hated the sea and he never could be persuaded to have a swim. He was a true thief and they could never leave anything in his reach.

The family are
going to miss him and thank Mrs England for giving them three great years with him.

(December 2009)

We were terribly saddened to hear the news that Jackson passed away – his owners adopted him from the Rescue in 2004. He was found as a stray and had difficulty at first – it took him a while to come out of his shell – but when he did – what a beautiful boy he was!

He had battled many health issues – but in true Fox Terrier style he carried on getting the best out of life – he was one very brave pup.

He started his own blog in 2007 and with Watson, was the inspiration behind a range of terrier greeting cards ( He was always a character – and loved to destroy toys, trample flowers and run on the beach with his pals.

He was nominated for Bravest Pet in Sussex – he started the Substantial Wires club and through his blog was adored by many! He inspired other Rescues to get involved and Jackson and his owners have been instrumental in making our Fun Walks an enjoyable event – Jackson brought so many dogs and owners together – he has left a fox terrier shaped hole in his owners hearts – we will all miss him.

(May 2010)

Jimmy was rehomed in 2000 - his new family loved him from the start. He was a joy and they will mis him terribly. Sadly they lost him this year to a degenerative illness. He will be missed

(October 2010)

Millie came to the rescue via Battersea Dogs Home - she was adopted when she was 5 years old.

"She was a very independent minded dog who did what she
wanted, but we loved her all the more for that. She was 'mother' to
Spencer and protected him fiercely! "

(March 2010)

In summer 2002, after losing their two fourteen year old fox terriers George and Tilly within five weeks of each other, Jan and Geoff contacted the rescue and were able to adopt seven year old Molly from a very loving home in Manchester who because of their changing family circumstances had to re-home her quickly

When they arrived at her previous owners’ home Molly was in the kitchen, her favourite place if food might be on offer - when she came into the sitting room she walked very shyly over and gave Jan a lovely little kiss - from that moment on she was theirs.

Molly was a lovely, spirited, affectionate and often eccentric little girl - and together with her new friends Archie, a three year old fox terrier and Tara a twelve year old toy poodle the three quickly became a little pack. Molly loved being by the seaside – she had some delightful eccentricities she loved making a nest in any sort of container that might be left on the floor, she loved chasing stones and helping Jan and Geoff in the Garden. Tara the poodle died in 2008 and shortly afterwards Molly started to become blind – Archie seemed to understand and was able to help Molly a lot. After seven years in her adopted home and a little after her fourteenth birthday sadly Molly died – they will always be grateful for this little Angel in their lives and hope that they will be able to help another rescue dog and find a new companion for Archie

“You cannot do a kindness too soon,
for you never know how soon it will be too late.”
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

We had Polly as a rescue dog in 2003 from Lee England, at that time she was around 5yrs old. Polly was at first a little shy when we brought her home to Warwickshire,but after a short time she grew into being one of the family with myself and my wife. Polly was full of character, she would follow me everywhere I went,she was MY dog, and I loved her to bits.She loved every minute playing with her toys when the grandchildren came to visit,she also understood exactly what you said to her; in particular at dinner time. Polly loved to cuddle up in her bed and understood that if you told her to get in her bed she would do just that and look at you with those big brown eyes.

There is now a very BIG void in the family as Polly was a very lively dog for her age (around 13 / 14) who loved nothing more than going for walks and being very happy with us . Polly will be sadly missed by both of us,and I just hope that she is not suffering now,GOD BLESS POLL'S xxxxx

(March 2011)

It is with great sadness that our darling little Rosie has passed away. Rosie became ill in the evening of Christmas Day, by Boxing Day morning we realised that Rosie was very ill. We immediately took Rosie to the vets where after several tests it was discovered she had an inoperable tumour on her spleen which was affecting her liver and kidneys. It was after these findings that we had to make a painful but correct decision to help Rosie on her way and she was put to sleep on Boxing Day at 16.20hrs.

We have had Rosie cremated as we did our other beloved fox terrier Joe. It was an individual cremation and now we have Rosie’s ashes along side Joe’s.

We thank you for the opportunity to have been able to give Rosie a home. We absolutely adored Rosie she gave us so much love and affection. It was so very sad that we only had Rosie for 17 months but we will never forget Rosie she will live on in our hearts forever.

(Feb 2011)

As the discerning reader can tell – Rowan is not a fox terrier. He is in fact a freakishly large Welsh Terrier. Rowan came to the rescue with a fox terrier companion and was taken in ‘by association’. He was adopted in 2006 - he was loved from day 1 - what an amazing boy. It was clear that this beautiful boy was a tornado - and their lives would change dramatically.

If he was a human he would be called a hero. His positive attitiude to life in the face of so much hardship (4 homes and over 2 years spent in kennels,plus battling two different cancers). His outgoing fun-loving and trusting nature was incredible and inspirational. He was loved by anyone who loves dogs. He is an irreplaceable member of our family and we love him so deeply.

His owners allowed him to be the dog he wanted to be - and were so thankful they had the priviledge of knowing him. He was always and will always be the top dog. He has let a massive hole in their lives. Despite the great sorrow they feel, they wouldn't have missed the chance to have such an angel in their lives. A small tribute was made for his memory on YouTube (YouTube link)

Take care King Rowan, may you terrorise all the little mice at Rainbow Bridge and put all those Rottweilers in their place. We will miss you.

Her owners had the privilege of owning her for just under 7 years. They collected her from Lee in November 2002 and brought her back to York to share their home with their other WHFT Harvey. It is fair to say they eventually both agreed to differ after a numerous confrontations! I believe Sophie was very happy with us and enjoyed life immensely, sadly for her family she died in late September this year (2009).

Terry came to us 10years ago. He was around 4plus years old and had been with 2 families already. Initially he was quite nervous,but very quickly settled in with us and Darcie our female wire.Terry loved other dogs and children and has been a great part of our grandaughters lives,he loved their toys and enjoyed nothing better than joining in with their fun.

We owe much to Terry as he was a catalist that enbled us to join the local community when we moved to Devon 7 years ago,as he was so admired for his handsome looks.Our local Ramblers group will also miss him as he accompanied us on our weekly 8 milers.Thank you so much Terry for giving us so much pleasure and leaving so many memories.

Toby was adopted from the Rescue in April 2004 and his owners enjoyed every hour and minute of the day with him. He became ill very, very quickly and passed away recently.

The four and half years that they were with him were an absolute joy and he was told on a daily basis how beautiful he was and how much he was loved. They share their grief at his loss with their friends and family - everyone is very upset, especially those who knew him well and most saying what an intelligent charismatic chap he was.

The family are grateful for having the opportunity to be part of his life.
If you would like to remember your Fox terrier rescue dog on this page - please email Lesley the photos and text.
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