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Flossie's story so far....................

Flossie after her recent cut and finish ready for the Fun Day.

Flossie was found abandoned with health problems. She is about 2yo. She has now had a major operation and had 3 large bladder stones removed which caused her terrible pain. She has come through her operation very well and now needs lots of TLC. Her illness has affected her walking so it is going to take some time to get right. We will keep you updated. If you would like to support Flossie please go to our Donate to FTR UK page for details of how to send a donation.

Upate on Flossie.......She is doing well. Has put on some weight but is still under the Vet. Her operation was a great success but is taking longer for the bladder infection to go. She is on medication and special food and is fortnightly visiting the Vet. So not ready for re homing yet. She is a loving little girl and never complains. The Vets just love her. Sometime in her life something happened to her hind legs? She walks wobbly but runs like the clappers when chasing a ball, so has learnt to live with it. January 2016

Flossie's back legs have got worse and sometimes she cannot balance very well. We wish to refer her to 'THE SUPER VET' but we need your help. If you are able to send a donation please go to our Donate to FTR UK page here on the website for details and mark it FOR FLOSSIE. Many thanks. March 2016


UPDATE June 2016 Flossie Xrays showed damage to the lower part of her back, she is on tablets for a couple of weeks until we hear from a specialist to what can be done.

UPDATE August 2016 We have finally had results back for Flossie and is sad news that nothing can be done for her at the moment. Unfortunately it is going to cost thousands and still may not have a happy result.

BUT we are not giving up. We are investing in a kind of Hot Tub and converting it so Flossie can be on a special harness and swim so to build up muscles as best we can and be fitted with a Cart so she can go out and about until perhaps something can be done. She is a young dog and we will prevail.
If this Tub is successful will be open to any small/medium breed that needs help in strengthening
muscles. Only a small donation to rescue will be required to keep up maintenance.


UPDATE October 2016

She has deteriorated quite rapidly but Lee has found a French Veterinary Group that have designed a cart which builds up the muscle when moving along. Rescue have ordered one to hire for 3 months and if it works will buy one. It costs a lot £1600 but will use the money raised from the Fun Day. We wait for its arrival.


Her new cart has arrived from France
She is trying to use it but hasn`t quite mastered
the fact that you go forward and not backwards!!!!
Hopefully she`ll get there.
December 2016
She has had her walking cart for 3 months and will not use it. Everything has been tried..putting down treats to
walking with her favourite dogs and throwing balls and sticks.
So, decided to go down the surgery route eventhough very negative answers but not giving up on her.
If you would like to help us raise money for her please go to our Donate page and follow the instructions given.
Lee is determined to get her at least 85% better. She is a wonderful dogs and never ever complains.



Photos of Flossie when picked up by the Warden.

Because of our work load we may not have contacted you or received your application. Please telephone to make sure your application has been received and you are still on our List.

This organisation has been rescuing and re-homing Fox Terriers (and associated friends!) for over 30 years. The dedicated volunteers collect dogs from all across the UK - and find suitable, loving and caring homes.

The Rescue operate the rule that no healthy animal is put to sleep. All the dogs are loved and cared for by our volunteers until they find their forever home.

We are non-political and non-campaigning, our only concern is the welfare of Fox Terriers (Smooth and Wire) - two breeds we love and are devoted to.

The Fox Terrier Rescue receives no money from the government and relies entirely on voluntary contributions to carry out its work. We work closely with other like minded organisations and are often asked to collect Fox Terriers from other rehoming organisations. To make a Donation to the Rescue please send a cheque to : Treasurer, Ivy Farm, Southburgh, Thetford, IP25 7TJ. (made payable to Fox Terrier Rescue)


Rehoming - we try to list all current dogs on our Adoptables page, if you are interested in giving a dog a permanent and loving home, please complete the REHOMING FORM and send to Lee England and then contact Lee England at 01366 328 826.

All rescue dogs are insured with Agria Insurance who work with the Kennel Club. They insure any age dog with no high premium. When you adopt a dog from us you will have 4 weeks free Insurance.


If your circumstances have changed and you feel you can no longer care for your Fox Terrier, we will help you. Please complete the Dog Profile Questionnaire form and email it to Lee England details listed below. We will then follow up with a phone call within 24 hours - we are busy and if you have not heard from us or you require immediate help - please call.



MAIN CONTACT  Lee England - Country Wide - 01366 328 826 (Norfolk), Mobile 07885735044 , email:


Trisha Broom - Norfolk (Smooth) - 01953 850 454 or by email

Sue Davison - Derby area (Smooth and Wire) - 01773 835 654 or by email

Malcolm Murray - Staffordshire - (Smooth) - 01283 542 881


This website is under constant construction - please check back as we develop the pages and provide more information. Any problems please contact Lesley at

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