There is always a need to rehome Fox Terriers - we try to list all current dogs on this page. - If you are interested in giving a dog a permanent and loving home please download and  complete the REHOMING FORM  for dogs that are only named and available on website and send to Lee England. 


PLEASE do not just fill out a Rehoming Form without adding the name of the dog you are interested in, If the dog becomes adopted and unfortunately it wasn't yourself then you must reapply naming another dog.


Please note that the Rescue is run by volunteers and many dogs are kept/fostered in private homes - so please call first to discuss suitability and arrange an appointment to view the dogs. 

If you need to contact about surrendering a Fox Terrier please feel free to call anytime as we are always here to help. This also includes advise on any matters dealing withFox Terriers i.e. behaviour, health, training, grooming, etc.


We cannot return calls on enquiries

July 21 Application for Adopting A Fox T[...]
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FoxTerrierQuestionnaire Feb 20 2.pdf
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Please Note:
When Adopting a Fox Terrier or any dog.
It takes a lot of Time, Understanding, Patience and Love
before you see the best from your adopted dog ,who doesn`t know
who you are and why he/she has been placed with you.
If you don`t have those above qualities or even one of them is missing
don`t get a dog, you are not doing that pet any favours.



Tintin is a terrier x.that came into rescue, his owner who is unwell thought he was a fox terrier when he bought him as a pup.
He is approx 5yrs to 6yrs old, neutered, is ok with other dogs ,if there is no threat to him.  He is timid till he gets to know you.He is a little sweetie.
An ideal companion. Rehomed Sept21


Peter a Smooth Fox Terrier
Approx 13mths old. Lovely temperament but had never
been on a lead ,so needs to be Lead trained. Not use to traffic,
so not ideal to live in a busy built up area.Needs a family
that has time to spend on training.Socialised with other
dogs but to live on his own.


Thomas is a Smooth Fox Terrier ,approx 8 to 10mths
Happy chappie ,very affectionate,gets on with other dogs.Crate & House trained.
Lots of energy.
Steve 2 1/2yo
Very laid back boy ,but likes his own way, so can be unpredictable, not good around young children.
Gets on with other dogs but can bully if it suits him .Fussy eater and doesn`t like you touching his food if not finished. Very handsome boy, but at times gives the impression humans are boring. Could live with a bitch as long as she was quite dominate. Needs a very experienced foxy home.
Wire Fox approx. 5 years old, high energy, has a mind of his own not a cuddly dog.
Gets on with other dogs but not to share a family home. He is his own person and likes things his way and if not  can be unpredictable ,needs a foxy savvy home, no children
or small furry things. Neutered.






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