Updates on Rehomed


Storm already to go off to her new home with the Dexter family.
Have a lovely life.xx
Louie now settling down in his new home in Norfolk
with Jo & Owen.
Life is just grand. Jun24




10yr old Oscar  trying out his new chair at his new home in Buckinghamshire,with new mum&dad Jean &Terry.
What a comfortable life . Jun24


Glen going to his new home ,with the King family and his new friend & companion Daisy.
Life should be great fun. Jun24




Pic of Ronnie getting ready to go to his new home.
And with in days of settling down off with his new master on a bike trip.
What a smart & clever lad.
Such great fun.xx Jun24


2yr old Archie off to his new home with Pauline &Andy, lucky boy has a beautiful large garden to roam around or lay in the sun at his leisure. Jun24


Maisie off to her new home with Dan.

Her new mum Bryony is waiting togreet her at home in Eastbourne.

Although a little tinker, very happy little girl.

Have a super life x




Flora SFT bitch settling into her new home with the

Masson family. Jun24

Rosie & Eric
Two beautiful Smooth Fox Terriers now rehomed to  Isabel &Clare ,with their lovely small holding,lots of space to run & play.x
June 2024



Alfie has found his forever home with Susan & Paul.
They know they need a lot of time & patience, but are willing & prepared for this.
Thank you, it is so rewarding when you see how wonderful these dogs develop in the right environment and they have so much to give. May24

Frankie and Summer. Apr24

Mitzy Apr24


Pepper one of the pups rehomed to Poppy and

Joe. Apr24

3 of the Pups recently rehomed. Apr24

Two of our rescue pups off to their new home together
today. Their new owners Sue &Chris have named them Bonnie & Clyde,watch this space. Xx Feb24



Suzie off to her new home
Yesterday with Mary & Brian, should be great fun with all the family and Mary taking her to training
and those lovely quiet walks near by.
Have a wonderful life little one.xx
Max has now gone to a foster family with the view
of a permanent home.
Hope all goes well Max


Louise has now found her forever home and has a new friend Bertie who also came from us.
Good luck to you both and have lots of fun.x


Frankie & Summer have now found their forever home
with Geoff & Cathy.We wish them all the best and have a wonderful new life. Jan24
Daisy off to her new home today with Suzanne &Derek.
Was a little scared but when she got to her new home didn't take long to go and explore.
All the best little one.xxx



Dill off to his new home & family today.
Such a super little boy,just loves cuddles and lots of play.
Good luck little sweetheart.xxx



Just to say hello and an update on Betty, can’t believe it’s been six months!
She’s doing so well and has transformed from when we got her in April.
She’s such a loving little girl and so funny, she’s a right little character! She’s made herself right at home now, she loves her cuddles and will pounce on you and put her paws either side of your neck! She loves playing now and gets really puppy ish it’s so funny. Her and Bertie are good, they have their moments but they play with each other (usually with tug it sounds like they are trying to kill each other! But no fighting) and sometimes snuggle up, they both manage to sleep on my lap together! 
Eleanor, Kevin, Bertie & Betty Nov23


Lola here  I have been celebrating my 8th birthday with marge and grumpy x it's been the best year ever ?  my favourite place is my local garden centre where they even know my name xxx Nov23

Ted settling down well with David & Helen
All the best Ted



'Storm' now renamed Betty
Settling down well in her new home,even Has a new friend,so having lots of fun together on his visits. Nov23
Zelda off to her new home 
All the best little one.xx



Bax already visiting the daily coffe shop. He's waiting for a cuppa and a bonio.





Ben Update

Chilling in the garden
Ben off today to his new home in Hertfordshire with his new mum Selina and sons.
Lots of fun and games
Ben with your new family.
Enjoy all those lovely walks
But no rolling in foxies poo if you come across it.Ugh!!!
Luv Auntie Lee xxxx



10yr old Finn off to his new home with June, such a sweetie, his only fault doesn't like other dogs ,but then, no ones perfect.  June 
said 'What does it matter ,I have a lovely companion and I will just keep him at a distance when out, no problem".Have a lovely life little man.xxx


Storm off to her new home yesterday .A perfect little lady, so sweet.  Have a lovely time with your new family
You will have such an adventure, going everywhere with your new mum&dad.xx
Bax went off to his new home yesterday with Charles his new Dad.
Do you think he loves him?
Have fun in your new home Bax with Susan&Charles,



12mth old Smooth pup
Now rehomed to David & family.
Good luck little one


Tamsey walking by the river.

Oct 23 


Scooter has gone off to his new home today to sunny Sussex to live with his new family Aaron,Kristina&son Matthew.
Have a wonderful life little boy,as I know you will.
Auntie Lee & mob xxxx


Ginny off to her new home today
to live with Pete r& Richard. She is going to be a great asset at the vicarage and know doubt will help out with the choir at Sunday service.
Have a super life little one,
You are such a sweetie.xxxxx




12mth old Stan off to his new home today, spent the afternoon At Oxborough Hall Gardens
bonding with is new mum&dad before coming back to  collect his belongings and travelling to his new home in Cambridgeshire.
All the best Stan,have a wonderful life.xxx
Hector making sure he's packing everything and he thought he would do a 'selfie' just before he left to live with Lisa &Matthew in Lincs.Good Luck little boy
Have lots of fun.


Grace off today to her new home with her new owner 
Linda. Have a wonderful life on the cornish coast.
We will all miss you, you little minx.xxxx




Poppy settling down nicely in her new home with Pam.
She has a new donut for her bed,as you can see very comfortable.
Have a lovely life Poppy.
Luv Aunty Lee xxx


Bella with her new companion. Jul23

Gracie having a wonderful time at the beach Jul23



Daisy enjoying her first holiday at Holkham Beach  with Tracey, Paul & Dill.
She is still trying to steal Dill’s toy dinosaur but as he doesn’t really mind at all
He likes his new found friend? Jul23


Brady waiting patiently by the gate for his new owner Matthew to arrive.
All bags packed,ready for the off. Good luck little fellow be a good boy. Jul23


Charlie waiting patiently, while paperwork done.
Oh now for the Off to his new home with Sally &Martin.
Enjoy your new home we will all miss you,such a super little boy.Lots of luv
Auntie Lee xxx &Betty Boo


Millie checking everything is there before going off to her new home with Sheila and Alan.Have a wonderful life little lady.xxx



Baxter bird watching while on holiday. Spotted anything?
Having a great time and has settled really well with Penny & Sam.



8mth old Betty settling in really well with her new family, learning to walk well on a lead, and enjoying all the home comforts.
Freddie has now found his forever home with Colleen &hubby.
Although very unsure of his new home at first is now settling down.All takes time but now having a crate has now given him that sense of security, even with the door open. Jun23
12 yr old Bess is settling down very well, although she thinks and tries to rule the roost,
She may have to think again as Peter is an experienced fox terrier person.
Bess has her work cut out if she thinks she can outwit Peter.
Keep up the good work Peter. Jun23


Betty is really settling down well and loves her new friend Bertie. But knowing bitches bet she will get the last word!!
The great side is he is giving her confidence and Eleanor&Kevin are being perfect new adoptees by giving her time and patience &lots of love.
Thank you both and Bertie.
Lee x


Dylan off to his new home.
Bag packed,harness on.
All ready for the go.
Have a wonderful life.xx
Don't forget to be a good boy!!!


Margie off to her new home with Sarah & David
this afternoon ,after a good 30 mins playing ball.
Bag packed and off to live by the seaside. Have a fun life, we will all miss you.xx May23


Duggee, bag packed and off to his new home with Sara & Noel,lucky little boy as he is going to live near the seaside.
Good luck Duggee be a good boy.xx
Betty on her first day with her new companion Bertie
Having  fun, paddling in the Peak District. Apr23



Flint off to his new home
With Denise & Ken
Have a wonderful life Flint you are such a good boy.
Dill will miss you.xx  Apr23


Colin meeting his new mum yesterday, whom have travelled many miles to meet him.Spent all yesterday afternoon with his new family to be, chilled out and very calm.
So off today to live in Cheshire with Martyn & Debbie. Gone to a super home and will have a wonderful life.We will all miss you here.


Daisy off to her new home
Good Friday,she has a new friend DILL to share her life with and of coarse her new Mum & Dad Tracey & Paul.
All the best in your new home,don't forget to be a good girl x


Chess off to live in Herts with Sarah and Gary.

Chess is a lovely friendly playful boy. We will miss you.

Have a wonderful life xxx


Really settled with his new family having fun at the beach today.
Simon off to his new home yesterday.  Bags packed but a little scared but he is in safe hands with Gill &Rod
Well experienced smooth owners.
Have a wonderful life Simon lots of love&cuddles which we all know you love.xx



Bess off to her new home today with Peter.
She loves walks and cuddles,this she will certainly receive from Peter ,who has had fox terriers for many a year.
Wishing you both, a wonderful time together.


Dexter off to his new home today, so excited,with his bag packed and not to forget his blue ball!!
Going to live in Suffolk with Graham&Pauline.
Enjoy all those lovely walks
Have a lovely life.
See you at Our Garden Party,and don't forget your Teddy x


Arlo off to his new home in Suffolk,with a beautiful big secure garden,what fun he will have,such a lovely boy.
You are so handsome now you have had a haircut. 
Good luck Arlo.xx Feb23


Finn really settled in his new home,as if always been there.
How wonderful , he is a lovely boy and so handsome. Feb23


Fred has really settled into his new home.

Well done Fred.

Enjoy those lovely walks. Feb23

Gracie chilling after her walk at her new home Feb23


Finn off to his new home today,what great fun for him,he has missed family life,such a lovely boy& wonderful for his wish to come true to have a loving family again and help his new dad with his daily work.Will miss you Finn
Have a super life with David & Georgia.xxxxx


Gracie was off to her new home today.
Very sad for us as we adored her, she is a little Gem. But what
joy for Chris &Jemma,so much fun.
A perfect little princess.
Have a wonderful Life you deserve it , to make up for your the awful beginnings.


Fred off to his new home. With his bag packed
& his harness on ,he is ready for the the 'off".
Good luck in your new home with Kate &family.

Update on Miss Teddie

Settling in really well and have changed her walking lead and is not pulling on the lead as much
And is reacting to other dogs much less.She is very loving ,we love her to bits.
We still need to work with her  but is doing brilliantly .
Just back from the groomers


Neo Smooth Fox Terrier was  fostered by

Graham and his family .
With the view to adopt if all went well.
In November Graham successfully adopted Neo.
We wish Neo and his new family a very happy life together.




LOLA just getting ready for the off to her new home
with Diane &John who were so delighted to welcome a cheeky foxy terror into there home.
Have a wonderful life Lola.
No question of you being spoilt!  Dec22


Teddie has left us to day to go to her new home in Lincs with Jill & Lee,what a lucky girl to be not far from the beach. 
Good luck in your new home.xx Dec22

Poppy has now settled in her new home with Angee& Reg.Ruling the roost,well trying to!!giving also support to their other foxy O'cee who has unfortunately  lost most of his sight.Because Poppy has an ongoing skin problem,she has designer  jackets made for her by her new mum to stop her scratching,what a lucky girl.


Ronnie went off to his new home Monday.
What fun he will have
He going to live with Helen 
and her other Smooth girl who had just lost her little soul mate.Also Helen has Spaniels,so great as Ronnie loves to have fun
playing in the garden with other dogs. Dec22
Pansy and Dexter having a treat before going off to their new home together. While they have been with me have become great friends so it was lovely that when Sarah & Gary came to see Pansy for adoption & met Dexter ,saw what good friends they had become decided to adopt them both. What a great Christmas present for them both . Next week Pansy celebrates her 12th birthday.
Have a wonderful life and of course lots of Xmas prezzies.xxxx


Brodie taking a nap after all the excitement of being in his new home. Oct22.


Daisy went to her new home in Kent.
With her new owners Matthew & Christina.
Daisy is a beautiful fun loving foxy ,full of energy.
Wishing you a wonderful life in your new forever home.


Earl was adopted 2 years ago by Simon & Clare, giving him time and lots of love and patience, have a fabulous and very handsome boy.
Well done Earl and thank you Clare & Simon
Daphne off to her new home today.
All toys, bedding and food packed.
Is she going to spoilt?
Nah,what do you think!!!!
Enjoy your new family Daphne.
?Auntie Leexxx


Brillo went to his new home today.
He's got his favourite ball,so tired.
Bedtime little man a new day tomorrow.xx Sept 22


Daisy (2) getting her things sorted, making sure it is all  there!! Jim &Wendy fell in love with her when they met her at our Funday. A perfect match.
Enjoy your new home Daisy.xx 


ready and packed
To go to her new home
in Sussex by the sea.
Good luck in your new home,enjoying lots of cuddles that you love.


has settled in so well - loves her walks now especially the beach with a ball and has really become a big part of our family.  She is still not too sure about other dogs, but we are persevering as there are many dog owners around here.  We can't imagine being without her - thank-you!
Caro & John

Mac looking out of a window in his new home getting the bearings of all his new walks to be.






Mac went off to his new home this weekend to sunny Devon ,as you see by the picture already exploring his new surroundings with his new Family.
Good luck Mac enjoy your new home plenty of sea & rivers to swim in.xx


Mazi off to her new home yesterday, well queued up 
with her new family, who absolutely adore her.
Although Mazi is a little minx ,she is a typical foxie up to mischief. 
Good luck Mazi.
Hope to see you at the Garden Party.xx


Nemo found his forever home today with Chris & Marcelle,very excited getting his harness on for travelling to his new abode
which is lovely as he will not be far from me in Norfolk.
Lovely boy we will miss you,cheeky lad xxx
Dora arrived at her new home,
with Carol& David.
After investigating the home and garden got them playing lots of ball games in the garden.


Bertie off to his new home Easter Monday with Claire & Paul,what a time he will have with their five children,no time to get bored and Paul can't wait to start training.
Good luck Bertie.


Tamsey settling down well
Loves the garden and being always with her new 






Athena settling well in her new home with Belinda
Think she had chosen her bed!!!!!






Cassie slowly coming out of her shell and getting more and more confident
Loves her walks.


Update on Sally who was rehomed in January

Sally is settling in really well.  She is a lovely girl and has a sweet character, everyone who meets her loves her.

She was very quiet and timid the first few days, often running back to the security of her bed whenever she heard or saw anything new and not too keen to venture out.  However,  she is finally beginning to engage with us more – the tail is wagging, she’s showing a greater interest in her environment and she’s actually keen to go for a walk now.  And she loves to be petted!

Feeding has maybe been something of an issue as she doesn’t always seem that interested when we put out her food.  However, we are persevering and she is doing a bit better and is eating more of her food more regularly.  We’ve discovered a few new chicken and duck snacks that she really enjoys, so that’s helping.

We’ve had to do some toilet training with her as she hasn’t always been able to make it through the night.  Nothing major and nothing we can’t deal with.

Tamsey settling down in her new home with Sheila & David.
Getting use to the outside world,with lots of fun walks


Update on Peter. On holiday with his new Mum and Dad enjoying the lovely walks in Herefordshire

Spud in just a week has settled in his new home and just loves the children who just love him. 

Thankyou Alex and David, Spud and family are very special where foxies are concerned. March 22


Maisie getting used to her new bed after a lovely long walk with her new family Brenda & Vic.  Is she going to be spoilt? Oh so so much! Lap it up Maisie we all miss you x


Bridget really settled down now, loves lots of cuddles

and her new friend Rupert a Welsh Terrier when he

visits. Nov21





Re homed November 2021
to Stan & his wife,taking a time to settle, now loves holidays with his new family and being part of them.
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